Plastic Fish Tail Ends – Black Reflective – to suit Armco Barrier – (AR10B)


An Alternative to the Armco Crash Barrier Terminal Type A – Plastic Fish Tail Ends

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Fish Tail Ends – Suitable for Armco Crash Barrier – In Black Plastic reflective

Plastic fish tail ends are versatile components used in various applications. These ends are specifically designed to provide a secure and attractive finish to the Armco crash barrier, mimicking the elegant shape of a fish tail. With their practical functionality and aesthetic appeal, plastic fishtail ends are widely employed in both commercial and industrial settings.


Made from durable and weather-resistant plastic materials, manufactured in the UK from 100% recyclable polyethylene, plastic fish tail ends have been made to ensure longevity and withstand outdoor elements like wind, rain, and sunlight.


Plastic Fish tail ends work well as they pull the leading edge of the barrier beam away from passing traffic minimising the risk of a vehicle snagging and reducing the risk of scratched paint on vehicles when compared to metal end caps.


Beyond their functional purpose, theses plastic black ends contribute to the visual appeal of displays. Available in both yellow with white reflectors and in black with white reflectors. The fish tail shape adds elegance and sophistication to the overall appearance of the Armco crash barrier, with its smooth curves and graceful lines.


Maintenance of our Fish Tail Ends are simple, typically involving cleaning with mild soap and water and gentle wiping with a soft cloth. The durable nature of plastic materials reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs, making them a convenient choice.

Contrast and Visibility: The primary advantage of using black plastic against yellow powder-coated barriers is the high level of contrast it creates. The stark contrast between black and yellow is visually striking and ensures excellent visibility, even from a distance. This contrast is crucial in alerting drivers and pedestrians to the presence of the barrier, making it easier for them to perceive the barrier’s location and adjust their course accordingly. The black plastic acts as a prominent visual indicator against the yellow powder-coated surface, improving safety by minimizing the risk of accidental collisions.

Clear Boundary Definition: The contrasting colors of black and yellow provide clear boundary definition for the off-road Armco barriers. By using black plastic against the yellow powder coating, the barrier’s edges and shape are more easily discernible. This clear boundary definition helps drivers and pedestrians recognize the presence of the barrier and understand the layout of the area more accurately. It reduces the likelihood of vehicles unintentionally encroaching on pedestrian zones or other restricted areas, enhancing overall safety in car parks, industrial estates, and warehouses.

Resistance to Fading: Yellow powder coating has excellent resistance to fading caused by exposure to sunlight and environmental elements. In contrast, black plastic is less prone to fading over time. This durability ensures that the visual contrast between the black plastic and yellow powder-coated surface remains strong and vibrant for an extended period. By maintaining its color integrity, the black plastic strip against the yellow barrier continues to provide optimal visibility and safety, even after prolonged exposure to the elements.

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