Double Height Armco – RSJ Post – 1800mm to suit Crash Barrier (Dig in)


Double Height Armco  127x76x13 Universal Beam, Holed twice to accept two rails of Armco.

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Double Height Armco P224 Posts (Dig in) provide for a rigid system with minimum deflection under impact – The advantage of this is that they can be easily installed tight up to the product that they are protecting, which maximises the space.

The Double Height Armco off-road barrier posts represent an ideal solution for effective and durable vehicular control on a variety of premises. These robust barriers are meticulously designed for use in diverse environments, such as car parks, industrial estates, and private roads, ensuring superior safety and security. These posts require 2no of our F06 Post bolts M16x50 to fix the crash barrier rails.

Made with high-quality galvanized steel, these Double Height Armco off-road barrier posts are incredibly resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance costs. The galvanised finish not only protects the post from harsh environmental conditions but also provides a polished, professional appearance that fits seamlessly into various settings.

The unique double-height feature of these Double Height Armco barrier posts offers added strength and support to withstand the impact of large vehicles, including articulated vehicles. With a height out of the ground of 1100mm, these posts provide a superior level of protection, effectively preventing vehicles from crossing the barriers, ensuring increased safety of premises and reduced risk of damage to property.

Installation of these Armco off-road barrier posts is designed to be straightforward and efficient. All it requires is digging a hole approximately 450mm square, to an appropriate depth, and setting the post in place. This simplicity in installation makes it a practical choice for nearly any location, regardless of ground conditions, and reduces installation costs and time.

Moreover, the flexible installation process allows these barrier posts to be installed nearly anywhere, making them a versatile solution for a multitude of different safety and security applications. The posts can easily be adjusted to fit the specific requirements of your premises, offering a tailored solution to your unique needs.

Ideal for applications where articulated vehicles are operating, these barrier posts ensure the safe and orderly movement of such vehicles. Maintaining the overall safety and efficiency of vehicle operations.

In summary, the Double Height Armco off-road barrier posts offer an effective, durable, and sustainable solution for vehicular control on car parks, industrial estates, and private roads. Their robust construction, easy installation, and ability to withstand the impact from articulated vehicles make them a preferred choice for maintaining the safety, security, and orderliness of various premises. With the added benefits of longevity, reduced maintenance costs, and environmental friendliness, these barrier posts are a sound investment for any business or organization looking to enhance their safety measures.

In addition to the standard 1800mm posts, we offer a larger 2000mm option making it ideal for applications where a higher level of barrier support and safety is required.

Here are a few reasons for using two rows of Armco barriers instead of a single row:

  1. Increased Strength and Safety: Two rows of barriers are generally stronger than a single row. They are better at absorbing the force of a crash and can prevent larger vehicles like trucks and buses from breaking through.
  2. Different Height Vehicles: Having two rows can address vehicles of varying heights. The lower rail can help stop smaller vehicles, while the upper rail can help stop taller vehicles. This is especially important in regions where there is a mix of vehicle types on the road, including motorcycles, cars, and heavy trucks.
  3. Improved Crash Containment: Double Height Armco barriers can better keep a vehicle on the road or guide it along the road edge without rolling over or bouncing back into the roadway, leading to secondary accidents.
  4. Reduced Risk of Under- or Over-Riding: The additional row of barriers can help prevent vehicles from under-riding (sliding under the barrier in a crash) or over-riding (going over the barrier).
  5. Greater Durability: Two rows of barriers can handle more wear and tear, reducing maintenance needs and costs.
  6. Potential Pedestrian Safety: Double Height Armco barriers might provide more protection for pedestrians or cyclists on a separated path next to the roadway.

It’s worth noting that the decision to use two rows of barriers versus a single row depends on a variety of factors, including the specifics of thedesign, the types of vehicles typically using the road, cost considerations, and local regulations and standards.

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