Curved Armco – 3.2m Effective Length Corrugated Crash Barrier Beams (6m – 50m Radius)


Curved Armco Rail with an effective length of 3.2m and a total length of 3.5m.

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7-10 Day Lead Time

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1 - 10 £235.00
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Curved Armco beams (3mm thick) can be curved to various radius from 6M-50M.

Armco corrugated rails provide an effective barrier system for protecting people and property in areas prone to vehicle traffic. At 3.5m long with a functional length of 3.2 m per side, these high-quality beams can be used indoors or outdoor set up when combined with RSJ posts or wall mounting plates – making them perfect for car parks, warehouses and as building fronts barriers alike!

Curved Armco Barrier and how to measure

Occasionaly curved armco barrier is kept in stock or can be avaliable within 7-10 days , however with wide variety of combinations of radius and concave or convex it is not possible to carry stock of all items . Worst case scenario on lead time would be within three weeks (however this is uncommon) it is best to get them on order ASAP.

Radii over 50m

Curved Armco Barrier sections over 50 metre radius can be achieved by using standard lengths (3.20m) . The closer that you get to 50m radius, then the beams will require some manual force to close the gap between the beam and the post set to the radius.

Radii 50m – 30m

Curved Armco Barrier sections less than 50m radius and greater than 30m can be addressed by use of either standard 1.6m effective length half beams or by use of special order curved beams, rolled to suit your radius.

Radii 29m – 6m

Curved Armco Barrier sections less than 29m radius will require the use of special order curved beams, rolled to suit your radius. Lead time on these beams is normally around 2 weeks.

Radii less than 6m

It is possible for us to supply beams curved to less than 6m radius, these are by special order, lead times will be longer and there will be evidence of “edge rippling”. Alternative to that we can fabricate bespoke armco lengths to suit your requirements –  This can be delivered quicker and is a cheaper solution than the rolled beams for tight radii.

Is My Barrier Concave or Convex?

convex or concave Curved Armco - 3.2m Effective Length Corrugated Crash Barrier Beams (6m - 50m Radius) BarrierMart

How to work out a radius

Example: D = 1m      C = 4m

Rad Calc Curved Armco - 3.2m Effective Length Corrugated Crash Barrier Beams (6m - 50m Radius) BarrierMart

(4 x 4) + (1 x 1) =  17                                        2 x 1 = 2                        17 / 2 = 8.5

Radius is 8.5m

Don’t forget that radii on site may not be constant and you could need to take more than one measurement.


In many off-road settings such as car parks, industrial estates, and warehouses, the available space may be limited or irregularly shaped. Curved Armco beams allow for more efficient utilization of space by conforming to the contours of the area. They can be custom designed and fabricated to fit the specific curvature requirements of the location. By following the natural flow of the site, curved beams maximize the protective coverage while minimizing wasted space, ensuring optimal safety without compromising the available area.

Curved Armco beams can facilitate smoother traffic flow by aligning with the natural movement of vehicles. In environments with curved roads, ramps, or corners, straight standard lengths may cause obstacles or sharp angles that impede the smooth flow of traffic. The curvature of Armco beams allows for a more gradual transition and better vehicle manoeuvrability, reducing the risk of accidents or congestion. This is particularly important in high-traffic areas where maintaining a steady flow of vehicles is essential.

The design of curved Armco beams enhances safety by providing better impact absorption capabilities. The curved shape of the beam helps to dissipate and redirect the energy of an impact along the length of the barrier. This reduces the severity of the collision and minimizes the risk of vehicle damage or injury to occupants. By effectively absorbing and redirecting the impact, curved Armco beams help ensure a safer environment for drivers, pedestrians, and nearby structures.

In certain environments, aesthetics play a significant role in the selection of curved Armco beams. Curved barriers can have a more visually appealing appearance compared to straight standard lengths, especially in settings where a more organic and harmonious design is desired. The curved shape can blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape or architectural elements, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment while still providing the necessary safety precautions.

Some off-road locations may have specific requirements or constraints that necessitate the use of curved Armco beams. For example, in areas where there are existing obstacles, utilities, or structures, the curvature of the beams allows for better integration and avoids interference. Additionally, in locations with irregularly shaped boundaries or non-linear traffic patterns, curved barriers can be customized to provide the desired protection and meet the site-specific needs.

In summary, the use of curved Armco beams is required in certain situations to address specific needs and constraints of off-road environments. They offer efficient space utilization, improved vehicle flow, enhanced safety and impact absorption, aesthetic considerations, and the ability to meet site-specific requirements. By opting for curved Armco beams, one can ensure optimal protection, efficient traffic management, and a visually appealing environment.

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Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 3500 cm