What traffic control measures do private facilities use?

There are many areas that need the installation of protective systems. Without them, the spaces would be left undefended in the event an accident occurs. Our establishment provides traffic control measures and others to keep everyone safe. These solutions are the highest quality and available for installation nationwide.

Traffic controls are useful in many areas, including car parks, campuses, and private facilities. Control methods usually heavily depend on channelisers, barriers, and good site design. Lights are good too. Sadly though, these measures are most common in extremely large environments. Smaller ones may avoid them due to upkeep and expense. That should not be the case though. They are vital and you can use many different products to keep people safe.

What we want to do here is discuss some of the control solutions you can use in private facilities. We hope it will show you the number of options and how you can choose ones that will work for you.

Bumps and humps

Speed bumps and humps are some of the most common forms of traffic control in car parks. Additionally, they find a lot of use in throughways in commercial and residential complexes. You can also use them on education campuses and for large businesses. Speed bumps supply more aggressive control if you compare to humps.

Parking stops

These aid in stopping cars from pulling through empty spots. They prevent drivers from producing potentially unsafe traffic patterns. For example, it can stop a car from progressing into a stream of traffic where other drivers don't expect them.


The most common piece of signage you find in car parks are striped warning signs. They are a regular sight on lane dividers and support pillars. However others are useful too.

Speed limit signs can come in handy when you use them with bumps and humps. They warn everyone of the maximum comfortable speeds.

Stop signs are integral in garages and huge lots where intersections exist. These could lead to driver conflict.

Furthermore, one-way signs can be very good in specific situations. It is possible the direction of flows could be marked with road markings instead, but signage can be a more popular option for traffic control.

Bollards and barriers

These come in handy in garages and other settings. Flexible bollards are practical as parking stops in back-in stalls. You can use them as both positioning and stop guides. Additionally, they are useful as lane markers on circular ramps that demand some flexibility for big trucks to take multiple lanes. Security and crash barriers can help stop pedal error.


Products like delineators and cones are handy for directing traffic when there is construction or temporary hazards. They warn users of the conditions so they can drive carefully.

Speak to us if you need quality traffic control solutions

At Barrier Mart, we manufacture our products in house. We do it this way to ensure the quality of every piece of merchandise. Our options include speed bumps in car and light vehicle or commercial variants. Moreover, we have fixings available to go with them. Plus, we have bollards, barriers, and more.

So, if you're interested in finding out more about our traffic control products, please get in touch. You can also browse our website to view some of them.