Cleaning glass and powder-coated handrails

It is our job to ensure the UK's residents and visitors have the essential safety products they need. To this end, we supply a large quantity of merchandise. We have handrail products, gates, fencing, guards, barriers and more. Everything is available in a multitude of sizes as well. This is necessary so we can accommodate varying demands.

Your responsibility does not end when you install railings. Maintaining them should be a top priority too. For one thing, they add to the aesthetic and charm of the space. Even more importantly, they are critical safety features. As a result, you can't afford to neglect them in case they lose performance.

Maintaining your handrails should be a fast and stress-free experience. The only real trouble is that there are different types of railings, which all need their own kind of attention. What we want to do is give you some tips on how to deal with glass and powder-coated ones. We hope it will make it much easier for you to look after them.

Glass handrails

Clear glass railings are common sights near pools. You can find them on balconies too, where they let you take in stunning 360º views of the environment. In both situations, they are crucial for safety.

However, in such locales a handrail can struggle with blemishes because of spots of grime, dirt, or water. You need to keep on top of them to make them look their best.

The trick here is to wipe your all-glass railings down using a sponge and warm soapy water. You can make use of a powerful window cleaner or vinegar when tackling tougher marks. For dispelling moisture, it is a good idea to use a cloth. Window wipes can also help you to get all the drops.

You can go one step further here to give the rails some extra protection. What you can do is coat them using a fine oil. It will aid you in keeping the stains away for longer.

Powder-coated handrails

These rails are a more common sight than glass ones. In fact, they are one of the most popular options for various internal and external locations. In many scenarios, the powder-coat is there to keep the underlying materials safe. It makes the railings highly durable, tough, and corrosion resistant.

While the powder-coating offers protection, you need to maintain each handrail to preserve it. If you don't, issues can start to happen that could lead to corrosion and make the rail fail.

With cleaning, use a sponge and soapy water. See to it that the detergent or soap does not have any chemicals capable of damaging the coating. If it is a mild product safe for the skin, it will probably be usable. Test the application first on an unremarkable area of your railing. If you don't see any issues, you can continue.

Speak to us if you want a reliable handrail

At Barrier Mart, we want to ensure that every customer receives quality goods. To this end, we manufacture all our items in house. We only use the best raw materials and carefully check that each product meets our standards. Distance isn't an issue for us either, as we can install our goods nationwide.

So, if you need a handrail or any other kind of barrier we have to offer, please talk to us. We can supply all kinds of clients, from private individuals and businesses to public bodies.