Using bollards to protect shopfronts and more

You have to achieve a careful balance when you look at shopfronts. They need to be attractive and give people a good impression of your business. However, at the same time you must factor in safety and security. Bollards may be necessary to provide this.

Accidents and intentional damage

There are two main issues with shopfronts. Firstly is the risk that an out of control vehicle could smash into the building. Sadly it does happen quite frequently around the world. Typically it is due to driver error. In some cases it can happen because of vehicular failure.

The problem here is the impact with the shopfront, even at low speeds, can put people inside at risk. The last thing shoppers expect is a car to come crashing through the shop. If it happens they could be crushed by the vehicle or injured by the glass and materials of the structure. Depending on the speed of the impact and where people are in the shop, the accident could cause serious injuries or even fatalities.

A second issue is that criminals around the world are getting increasingly bold. Organised gangs target vulnerable shopfronts and intentionally drive vehicles into them. This allows them to enter the shop and steal what they can before escaping. It can result in big losses for the business, both in terms of the items stolen and repairs to the building.

Using bollards

There are a number of things you can try to protect the shopfronts from accidental and intentional vehicular impacts. A bollard or row of them can be a fantastic option. You can place them strategically so a vehicle cannot reach the building. Instead it will hit the post(s) and stop or divert away.

There are lots of great options if you do want to use bollards. Basic metal or concrete posts are a common choice because they can be sturdy, durable, and long lasting. However, people conscious of the aesthetics may want something a little different. Here planters and even benches can be good options. All you need to do is ensure the ones you choose will be durable enough.

You also need to make sure you place each bollard properly. Make sure there isn't enough space between them for vehicles to drive through. Plus, ensure you don't leave big entry routes at either end.

Order high quality products

Barrier Mart understands the importance of protecting shopfronts. We can help by offering a collection of exceptional products. You can choose bollards, barriers, and even speed bumps to make vehicles slow down. All of them are reliable and we can provide solutions for various locations.

So, if you need any help, please contact us.