How can a crash barrier make an impact softer on road users?

Road users will instantly be able to recognise crash barrier systems and the role they play in safety. But, how many know the specifics of how they actually make impacts softer? It is an interesting thing to look at, especially if you need to find the safest solution for your own site.

How do they work?

There are two important things to look at here. First is the fact that the length of crash barriers is important. What happens is the kinetic energy of the vehicle, the force that makes it move, transfers to the barrier on impact. Because of the length of the beams, the barriers can absorb it efficiently and dissipate it along the length. In turn, it helps to slow and then stop the vehicle.

It is also a good idea to look at how the materials behave. The majority of crash barriers will be steel. This is certainly the case with Armco and open box beam style ones. The metal is essential here. While it may not look it, steel has a flexible internal structure. That is because the crystal structure has little resistance to atoms slipping. It translates to really good ductility and flexibility.

So, when a vehicle strikes a barrier, it will flex. This will efficiently absorb and divert the energy. As a result, it means a safer impact for people in vehicles.

Stopping re-entry

Another important fact with barriers is they work to soften the impact by preventing vehicles from rebounding into traffic. That would be incredibly dangerous as they could then be hit by other road users. The designs actually attempt to ensnare vehicles and guide them along the beam to a safer stop.

Preventing drops

You usually don't need to work hard to find a crash barrier on roads. They are a regular sight in many areas. However, you will usually see them most often where vehicles could drop from the road if they deviate too far. For example, they can be alongside the edges of bridges, embankments, ditches, and more.

The important thing here is the barriers must be strong enough to prevent the vehicle from dropping. It will be much safer to strike the barrier and slow down more gradually. A drop and sudden impact could be fatal, even if it is only a relatively small height.

Speak to us if you need a crash barrier

At Barrier Mart we appreciate how crucial barriers are for making impacts softer. They can be the difference between life and death in many settings. It is important to choose the right design, especially considering the type of beam, height, and post. They must ensure that the barrier will perform well with different vehicles, speeds, and impact angles.

If you need a crash barrier for any kind of setting, we can help you to choose the right model. Then we can offer installation and ongoing support. So, get in touch today to maximise safety with great products and leading services.