Internal Armco Barrier Corners – Rigid 90 Degree – Galvanised


Internal Armco Corners – To be used on the inside of a square building. Requires 8no M16 Lap bolts.

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Internal Armco Rigid 90° Degree Corners

This Rigid 90° Armco Internal barrier corner is just one of our wide range of Armco crash barrier products. The Rigid 90°corner is perfect for creating sharp clean corners and is used for runs where the angle is exactly 90° as we have many other angled Armco barrier sections. These Internal barrier corners have exceptional strength and close any potential openings that pedestrians may try and get through. Like most of our Armco range, the internal corner is made from strong durable hot-dip galvanised steel. This means it will last the test of time and is weather resistant which ensures years of protection from erosion.

Advantages of Armco Rigid 90° Corners

  • Welded 90° Corner – Strong and Sturdy squared design for ease when creating consistent runs.
  • Easy Installation -They are made with a set standard in quality control which means that the holes line up and are easier to install than cheaper alternatives.
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish – A hot-dip galvanised finish prevents corrosion and keeps them weather resistant for many years.
  • Compatibility –– Build a setup that perfectly fits your needs.

Internal Armco corners are essential components when installing off-road crash barriers on the inside of a square building. These corners serve a crucial purpose in enhancing safety and protecting both the structure and the individuals within it. By providing a smooth transition and redirecting the energy of an impact, internal Armco corners significantly reduce the risk of severe damage and injuries during collisions.

Off-road crash barriers, such as Armco barriers, are designed to prevent vehicles from veering off the road or colliding with buildings, structures, or pedestrians. They are commonly used in industrial areas, warehouses, car parks, and other locations where there is a risk of vehicle-related accidents. When installing these barriers, internal corners become particularly important when dealing with square buildings due to their specific shape and potential impact points.

Internal Armco corners also contribute to the overall stability of the barrier system. By reinforcing the corners and creating a rigid connection between the barrier sections, they ensure that the entire system remains securely in place during an impact. This stability is crucial in preventing the barrier from being dislodged or displaced, which could create additional hazards and compromise the overall effectiveness of the crash protection system.

Furthermore, internal Armco corners provide visual cues and guidance for drivers within the square building. The presence of these corners acts as a clear delineation of the boundaries and alerts drivers to the potential hazards they need to avoid. This visual reinforcement can help prevent accidents by promoting awareness and encouraging safer driving practices within the enclosed space.

In conclusion, the inclusion of internal Armco corners when installing off-road crash barriers inside square buildings is crucial for several reasons. They ensure a continuous barrier system, facilitate a smooth transition during impacts, enhance the stability of the overall structure, provide visual cues for drivers, and ultimately minimize the risk of severe damage and injuries. By incorporating these corners into the installation process, the safety and protection of both the building occupants and the surrounding environment are significantly improved.

If these corners are not suitable for your job then maybe choose flexible or plastic internal corners to improve safety, prevent damage, and safeguard your premises. Explore our wide selection and find the perfect corners to meet your needs. Trust in their quality and performance to ensure the utmost security for your facility and the people within it.

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