Short Armco Beams – 1.60m effective length (Half Beams) – Galvanised (AR2)


A Corrugated Short Armco Rail with an effective length of 1.6m and a total length of 1.9m.

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Short Armco 3mm thick – New & Galvanised – Available in standard 3.2m & 1.6m effective lengths. We can also supply Armco Barrier make up beams which are cut to length to suit your site dimensions

Armco barrier beams are a perfect solution when traditional 3.2 metre safety barriers won’t fit the bill – such as transport restrictions or otherwise tight spaces. Our 1.6m beam offers an effective, reliable and safe defence against potential hazards while also complementing your project’s aesthetic requirements with our galvanised finish option, providing rust protection over time! Alternatively, you can select one of our yellow powder-coated variants for some added colour to really make it stand out from the crowd!

To find out more about length variations between fixing points at either end please head over to our Beam page today where we go into detailed information on how this is impacted during installation – so don’t wait any longer; start building site safety solutions securely now with Armco Barrier Beams in both long & short lengths available!

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Short Armco Beams provide greater flexibility in designing and installing off-road Armco barriers. The shorter length allows for easier handling and maneuverability during installation, making it possible to adapt the barriers to the terrain’s specific requirements. Whether it’s a curved or uneven surface, the shorter beams allow for more precise and customized configurations.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Using half beams can often lead to cost savings in off-road Armco barrier installations. The shorter beams require fewer materials, reducing expenses associated with production, transportation, and installation. This cost-effectiveness is particularly significant when large stretches of barriers are needed or when budget constraints are a concern.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 1900 cm