Car & Light Duty Wheel Stops (CPM-WS80)


A Wheel Stops – Suitable for domestic car parks.

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Wheel Stops – CPM-WS80

A light duty wheel stop is a simple and effective parking control device used in domestic car parks to prevent vehicles from parking too close to perimeter walls, perimeter fencing, or in back-to-back parking situations. It serves as a physical barrier that restricts the movement of vehicles and helps eliminate the risk of clashes or damage.

The primary purpose of this product is to ensure proper parking alignment and maintain safe distances between vehicles and surrounding structures. By placing the stops strategically, car park operators can create designated parking spaces, prevent encroachment on walls or fences, and avoid potential accidents caused by inadequate parking space.

Light duty wheel stops are typically made of durable materials such as rubber or plastic, which provide a balance between strength and flexibility. This design ensures that the wheel stops are sturdy enough to withstand the impact of a vehicle encountering them but also gentle enough to avoid causing significant damage to the vehicle. They are usually manufactured in bright colours such as this yellow to enhance visibility and improve safety.

The installation of light duty wheel-stops is relatively straightforward. They are placed on the ground, perpendicular to the direction of the parking spaces, at a predetermined distance from walls, fences, or other objects. The spacing between wheel stops should allow for easy manoeuvring and sufficient space for vehicle doors to open and close without obstruction. The exact spacing will depend on the dimensions of the parking lot and the size of the vehicles typically using it.

When a vehicle approaches a parking spot, the driver will notice the presence of the wheel stoppers, signalling that they have reached the appropriate stopping point. The wheel stop acts as a visual and physical indicator, preventing the vehicle from going any further and ensuring it is parked within the designated area.

Light duty wheel stops offer several benefits in domestic car parks. Firstly, they help maximize the available parking space by maintaining orderly parking configurations. This reduces the likelihood of vehicles occupying more space than necessary, making the car park more efficient and accommodating a greater number of vehicles.

Secondly, the wheel stops protect the perimeter walls, perimeter fencing, and other structures from accidental collisions. By establishing a clear buffer zone between the parked vehicles and the surrounding elements, the risk of damage to property is minimized.

Furthermore, our light duty stops contribute to overall safety in the car park. They prevent vehicles from parking too close together in back-to-back parking scenarios, which could hinder the movement of other vehicles or pose difficulties for drivers trying to navigate the parking area. By enforcing proper spacing, wheel stops reduce the chances of accidents, improve visibility, and enhance overall traffic flow.

In conclusion, the light duty are an essential parking control solution in domestic car parks. They provide a simple and effective means of preventing clashes between vehicles and perimeter walls, fencing, or back-to-back parked cars. By creating clear boundaries and maintaining proper parking alignment, wheel stops enhance safety, maximize parking space utilization, and protect property from accidental damage. Their installation and use contribute to a more organized and secure car park environment, benefiting both car park operators and users alike.


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