Car Wheel Stop (150mm)


Car Wheel Stop – Suitable for Cars.

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Car Wheel Stop

  • Hi-vis strip for pedestrian & driver visibility
  • Moulded in the UK from recycled truck tyres
  • Supplied with Fixing Kit.

Car Wheel stop 900mm Long, 200mm Wide x 80mm High

All Car Wheel stops are supplied with Fixing Kits.

Parking bay Car Wheel Stops cater for all commercial vehicles including: double decker’s, combination vehicles & coaches. These have been designed to stop bending & splitting that happen with the usual with hollow rubber Wheel Stops.

Used in domestic car parks where you need to control the parking of vehicles to eliminate clash with vehicles parking against perimeter walls, perimeter fencing and/or back to back parking.

Designed to stop the risk of clash with lowered suspension, low bumpers/skirtings and or mud flaps of all vehicles.

Moulded-in hi-vis strip for added pedestrian and driver visibility.

Fixings provided suitable for concrete or tarmac substrates.

  • High Visibility: Rubber wheel stops are usually available in bright colours, such as yellow or red, which enhance visibility in parking lots or garages. The vibrant colors help drivers easily spot the wheel stops and avoid collisions.
  • Versatility: Rubber wheel stops can be used in a variety of parking environments, including commercial parking lots, residential complexes, and public garages. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, their lightweight nature allows for easy relocation if needed.
  • Eco-Friendly: Many rubber wheel stops are manufactured using recycled rubber, which reduces the environmental impact associated with waste rubber disposal. By repurposing rubber materials, these wheel stops contribute to sustainability efforts.
  • Maintenance: Rubber wheel stops require minimal maintenance. They are resistant to cracks, chips, and fading, which can occur with concrete stops over time. Additionally, rubber wheel stops are easy to clean and can be washed with water and mild detergents


Should you require a larger specification: please see our HLGV Wheel Stops which are suitable for Vans, Lorries, Artic Trailers or our HGV Wheel Stops which are suitable for HGV vehicles.

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