Single Height crash barrier – Cast in Armco Posts (RSJ) – 1500mm (Galvanised)


Single height crash barrier posts – 1500mm – 127x76x13 Universal Beam, Holed once to accept armco rails.

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Single height crash barrier Posts provide for a rigid system with minimum deflection under impact – The advantage of this is that they can be easily installed tight up to the product that they are protecting, which maximises the space.

Off-road Armco single height crash barriers are a popular choice for providing safety and protection in various settings, especially in areas where excavation is possible. These crash barriers are designed to be robust, easy to install, and highly effective in preventing accidents and minimizing damage in off-road environments.

The off-road Armco single height crash barrier consists of a series of posts that are set at regular intervals, typically every 1.60 or 3.20 meters. This configuration ensures proper stability and structural integrity of the barrier. The most popular option for these barriers is the 1500mm long cast-in option, which offers optimal performance in most scenarios.

One of the key advantages of the off-road Armco single height crash barrier is its galvanized construction. Galvanization involves coating the steel components with a layer of zinc, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. This ensures that the crash barriers can withstand the elements and remain durable even in harsh off-road conditions, where they may be exposed to moisture, dirt, and other environmental factors.

The installation process for these crash barriers is relatively simple and straightforward. The posts are securely anchored into the ground at the specified intervals. This can be done by excavating holes and using concrete or other suitable methods to secure the posts in place. The crash barrier is then attached to the posts using one M16x50 post bolt, providing a secure connection between the horizontal Armco rail and the posts.

The use of a single height crash barrier offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides a physical barrier that prevents vehicles from veering off the road or colliding with hazardous obstacles. This can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and potential injuries. Additionally, the crash barrier serves as a visual guide, helping drivers stay on the designated path and enhancing overall road safety.

Another advantage of the off-road Armco single height crash barrier is its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of off-road environments, such as industrial sites, construction zones, mining areas, and recreational trails. The barrier is designed to withstand impacts from vehicles and other heavy machinery, making it suitable for areas where there is a higher risk of collisions or accidents.

The 1500mm long cast-in option is particularly popular due to its optimal length for most off-road applications. This length provides sufficient coverage and protection while maintaining stability and ease of installation. The cast-in option involves embedding the posts directly into the ground, ensuring a secure and permanent attachment. This method is ideal for sites where excavation is possible and allows for a more streamlined and efficient installation process.

When it comes to safety equipment, ease of installation is crucial. The off-road Armco single height crash barrier offers a user-friendly installation process, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup. This is particularly beneficial in situations where time is of the essence, such as temporary road diversions or emergency repairs.

In conclusion, the off-road Armco single height crash barrier with posts set at regular intervals, the 1500mm long cast-in option being the most popular, is an excellent choice for sites where excavation is possible. Its galvanized construction ensures durability and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for various off-road environments. The installation process is straightforward, and the use of one M16x50 post bolt provides a secure connection between the horizontal Armco rail and the posts. By investing in off-road Armco crash barriers, you can enhance safety, prevent accidents, and protect valuable assets in off-road settings.


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