Armco Safety Barrier Reflectors – Red & White (AR015)


Dual Sided – Armco Barrier Reflectors – Red & White for Armco Crash Barrier.

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Clip On Reflectors – Suitable for Armco Crash Barrier

These bolt on Reflectors clips are essential for when installing crash barrier.

Reflective clips for crash barriers, also known as delineators or reflective delineators, are devices designed to enhance the visibility of crash barriers or guardrails, particularly during low-light conditions or adverse weather conditions. They play a crucial role in improving traffic safety by providing clear guidance to drivers and alerting them to the presence of barriers or obstacles.

These materials are highly efficient at reflecting light and have excellent retroreflective properties.


Armco Barrier Reflectors are relatively easy to install and can be mounted on crash barriers using various methods. Common installation methods include , screws, bolts, or clamps. The clips are often designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, vibrations, and impacts, ensuring their durability and longevity.

Armco Barrier Reflectors are an effective and practical solution to enhance safety and visibility for Armco crash barriers. Their easy installation, durability, and compliance with safety standards make them an essential accessory for road authorities, construction companies, and individuals concerned about road safety. By equipping your Armco crash barriers with reflective clips, you can contribute to creating a safer driving environment and reduce the risk of accidents.

Reflectors are a cost-effective safety solution compared to alternative options such as installing additional lighting or reflective paint on the barriers. They provide a simple yet effective way to increase visibility and safety without significant expenses.

Clip-on reflectors offer flexibility in terms of positioning and alignment. They can be adjusted to achieve optimal visibility and ensure that they are visible from different angles, maximizing their effectiveness in guiding drivers.

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