75mm Commercial Speed Bump Kit


Commercial Speed Bump

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75mm Commercial Speed Bump Kit

3.00 – 6.00 M long.

Black & Yellow (kits include 2 Dome Ends & fixings suitable for tarmac or concrete).

The 75mm Commercial Speed Bump Kit is a robust and effective traffic management solution designed for commercial and industrial areas with heavier vehicular traffic. This speed bump kit offers enhanced safety measures and helps regulate vehicle speed to protect pedestrians, workers, and drivers in busy environments.

The kit consists of a series of interconnected rubber or plastic modules, each measuring 75mm (3 inches) in height. This taller profile is specifically designed to handle heavier vehicles, including trucks, vans, and forklifts commonly found in commercial settings. The length of the speed bump can vary depending on the specific requirements of the road or parking area where it will be installed.

The installation process of the 75mm Commercial Speed Bump Kit is relatively straightforward, with modules easily connected to form a continuous and sturdy speed bump structure. The kit includes all the necessary mounting hardware, such as anchor bolts and fasteners, ensuring a secure and long-lasting installation even in high-traffic environments.

To withstand the rigors of heavy traffic and diverse weather conditions, the speed bump modules are constructed from durable materials. They are typically made of heavy-duty rubber or impact-resistant plastic, ensuring the speed bump can endure constant use and exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations without significant wear or deterioration.

The increased height of the 75mm speed bump effectively slows down vehicles, encouraging drivers to reduce their speed and navigate the area with caution. The elevated profile provides a noticeable change in elevation, prompting drivers to slow down while maintaining a controlled and smooth transition. This ensures the safety of pedestrians and workers by minimizing the risk of accidents in busy commercial zones.

The commercial speed bump modules are usually coloured with high-visibility yellow or black hues, allowing for easy identification, even in low-light conditions or inclement weather. This visibility feature alerts drivers well in advance of the speed bump’s presence, giving them ample time to adjust their speed accordingly. Additionally, reflective strips or markings can be added to further enhance visibility, making the speed bump visible from a distance and ensuring safety, especially during night-time operations.

The 75mm Commercial Speed Bump Kit is specifically engineered to endure heavy loads and frequent impact from larger vehicles. Its robust construction allows it to withstand the weight and pressure exerted by trucks, buses, and industrial machinery without deforming or breaking. This durability ensures that the speed bump remains effective over a long period, contributing to a safer and more controlled traffic environment.

Maintenance and repair of the Commercial Speed Bump are made convenient due to its modular design. If a single module gets damaged, it can be easily replaced without the need to dismantle the entire speed bump structure. This feature reduces maintenance costs and minimizes disruption to traffic flow, keeping the traffic management system functional and efficient.

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Please also note that we are unable to give any advice regarding installation and/or removals within private areas as you will need to speak with your local council.