Speed bump installation tips

You can combine a number of different products to create the perfect traffic control systems. This can include everything from lights and signage to barriers and more. Speed bumps can be a great addition if you need to force drivers to slow down. If you do use them though, you need to get the installation right. This will ensure they are safe and effective.


Before you begin installing speed bumps though, you need to make sure you prepare the surface. Most importantly you have to ensure it is clean, free of debris, and undamaged. The last thing you want to do is install a bump on a broken surface as it could allow it to fail and shift when people drive over it. So, if there is any damage, you need to repair it first. What you want is a surface that is flat and consistent.

Once the surface is ready you need to work out where you want to position the speed bumps. You need to place them in a series so they are close enough together to stop people speeding between them. It is a wise idea to make sure vehicles will drive straight over the bumps; if they will go over them while turning, it can cause damage.

You also need to think about safety. For example you should not have them close to junctions in case vehicles stall when trying to drive over them.

Fixing the speed bumps down is a relatively simple job. Generally all you need to do is drill holes into the substrate that you can then insert the coach screws into once the bump is in place. It is a good idea to mark where the holes will be and then drill them all to the right depth. Drilling test holes is also wise to make sure that the tooling you are using is suitable for the substrate and able to make a sufficient hole.

Finally all you need to do is place the bumps and then screw in the coach screws to secure them in place. You should make sure each fixing is all the way in, ensuring there is no part protruding that could damage tyres. Then, just check that they hold the bump securely so there is no movement.

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