Surface Mounted Bollards 114.3 Ø


Surface Mounted Bollards 114.3 – Round Galvanised Bollard

Bollard Height
114.3 Ø x 3mm 900 mm
114.3 Ø x 3mm 1100 mm
114.3 Ø x 3mm 1500 mm

Base Plate – 180 Ø x 10 mm

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Surface Mounted Bollards 114.3

Surface-mounted bollards are a type of bollard that is installed on the surface of a pavement or other solid ground without the need for excavation or embedding into the ground. Unlike cast-in bollards that are permanently anchored in a concrete foundation, surface-mounted bollards are affixed using a base plate and anchor bolts.

Here are some key characteristics and uses of surface-mounted bollards:

  • Installation: Surface-mounted bollards are attached to the ground using a base plate that is secured with anchor bolts. This method allows for relatively quick and straightforward installation compared to cast-in bollards, which require more extensive groundwork.
  • Flexibility: Surface-mounted bollards are not as permanent as cast-in bollards, making them a more flexible option. They can be removed and repositioned if needed, making them suitable for areas where the layout may change over time.
  • Temporary Installations: These bollards are commonly used for temporary or semi-permanent applications. For example, they might be used to designate a temporary pedestrian walkway during a construction project or to create a barrier for a special event.
  • Traffic Control: Surface-mounted bollards can be employed for traffic management purposes, such as defining parking spaces, creating traffic lanes, or preventing unauthorized vehicle access to specific areas.
  • Security: While not as robust as cast-in bollards, surface-mounted bollards can still provide a level of security by acting as visible deterrents to vehicles and controlling their movement.
  • Aesthetics: Surface-mounted bollards come in a variety of styles and materials, allowing them to contribute to the aesthetic design of a space. They can enhance the overall look of urban streetscapes, parks, plazas, and commercial areas.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Due to their easier installation and removal process, surface-mounted bollards can offer a more cost-effective solution for short-term needs or areas where frequent changes are expected.

It’s important to note that surface-mounted bollards may have different load-bearing capacities and security levels compared to their cast-in counterparts. Therefore, their suitability for specific applications should be carefully considered based on factors such as intended use, security requirements, and the expected level of vehicular impact.

Ultimately, surface-mounted bollards provide a versatile and convenient option for a variety of purposes, offering a balance between flexibility and security.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 700 × 11.5 × 11.5 cm

800 mm, 1100 mm, 1500 mm

Cap Type

Open Top, Welded Cap, Black Plastic Cap


Galvanised, Powder Coated Yellow, Yellow and Black Stripes