How often do you need to replace steel bollards?

For more than three decades, we have been supplying the safest barrier products in the industry. Our merchandise, which includes bollards, crash barriers, and handrails, can help improve safety in various situations. Not to mention, because we manufacture all items in house, we can guarantee their quality.

The purpose of traffic bollards is to segregate lines of traffic. This is particularly important around things like roadworks. Usually temporary and incredibly visible, they can help guide road users to the proper lanes.


One topic that comes up regularly though is how often you need to replace them. In truth, this depends on a number of factors. This includes the force and strength of impacts, and the frequency of accidents.

With your standard steel bollards, you will usually have to replace them not long after a collision. An impact could be small enough in weight and speed. Here, the bollard could get away with suffering superficial harm. Yet, in the majority of cases, the bollard's structural integrity will have been compromised. That means replacing is the only option.

The bollard might still stand. However, you can't let this fool you into thinking it is fine. It may no longer be sound and be unable to withstand another impact in the future. If so you need to replace it because a failure could cause even more harm.


One way you can reduce the frequency of replacements is to be proactive with the upkeep. Some steels are vulnerable to corrosion. Even ones with galvanisation, a powder coating, or paint can rust if there is damage that affects the coat. In busy areas with lots of vehicles, scrapes and scuffs are common. This increases the risk.

To avoid problems, you will need to make sure you are maintaining these posts correctly. Check them regularly for damage. If it is deep scratches and wear that exposes the metal beneath, you are better off recoating them before corrosion can begin. You should also be proactive to make sure they are stable and sturdy.

Buy the most reliable bollards

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So, if you would like to know more about our goods, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to offer advice and can help clients to choose the right products for their site.