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Plastic Column Wrap Protector

Polywrap Spacesaver protector – 152×152 – Columns – Yellow – c/w 2no Ratchet straps

Double Row Armco

Upgrade your parking or industrial area’s safety with our top-grade Double Row Armco RSJ Posts, manufactured from 127x76x13 UB and designed for maximum durability and protection. Our RSJ posts come with a double holed configuration to facilitate easy installation of two rows of crash barriers, making them ideal for areas frequently used by HGVs.

1-10 £71.00
11-20 £69.00
21-100 £66.00
100+ £62.00

Double Height Armco

Double Height Armco – 127x76x13 Universal Beam c/w 330x250x12mm Base Plate. UK Manufactured , Suitable for 2 rows of Armco Barrier

1-10 £62.00
11-20 £59.00
21-100 £57.00
100+ £53.00

Plastic Pedestrian Scroll Ends

A Plastic Alternative to the Armco Terminal – Pedestrian friendly scroll end

1-10 £30.00
11-20 £28.00
21-100 £27.50
100+ £26.00

Fishtail End

FishTail Ends – Often reffered to as Terminal Type A, this is the most common type of Armco Barrier End.

1-10 £26.00
11-20 £25.00
21-100 £24.00
100+ £23.00

Protection & Security Products

Supplying the UK with crash barriers and other protection & safety products including handrails, barriers, guards, fencing, gates, bollards and much, much more.

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